Located in Toronto, The Pop Stand is the purveyor of the finest handcrafted ice pops and cordials. 

Helmed by founder Kari Marshall, the Pop Stand offers ice pops created using the most seasonal, freshest and local ingredients available. 

Always looking to titillate the sense, the Pop Stand offers a myriad of flavours; everything from a sophisticated Raspberry Hibiscus popsicle, to the classic Strawberries'n'Cream, to the aptly named Kicky Key Lime ice pop. Popping up at farmer's markets and food fairs all over Toronto, you may follow Kari on Twitter @popstandtoronto to find out where next you can treat your taste buds, or contact Kari at (647) 625-5708 for further information or to place custom orders. 



(647) 625-5708



Toronto, Ontario





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